Thursday, April 22, 2010


Skimbleshanks is delighted to report that all is well on the Stopping all Stations platform. A beautiful bunch of people gathered to hear Sue read some of her haiku and longer form poems both from her published collections and current body of work. As always, Sue delighted her listeners with poetry that evokes a deep personal response. And a lovely lot of open readings…
Next month our feature will be KRISTIN HENRY. More news to follow, so keep tuned…
At the June 19 reading PAGE SEVENTEEN will be looking for a poem to publish in Issue 8. So if you haven’t chosen one already, start writing a ripper that will knock the judges (Tiggy Johnson and Vicki Thornton) off their chairs. Check out the new Page Seventeen blog.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sue Stanford

It's on again! This Saturday 17 April. Our feature reader this month is Sue Stanford.
Born in London, Sue Stanford is based in Melbourne. Her interests in the creative arts took her first towards a still-born career in ceramics and then later to some small successes in writing. Her first book of poetry, Opal, came out from Flat Chat Press in 2006 and a tiny book of haiku, The Neon City, came out from Post Pressed in 2008. A third book, We Will Come to the Sea, is taking shape. Sue's poetry has appeared widely in literary magazines and anthologies. Sue is currently working on a PhD at Monash University which will take Sugita Hisajo's haiku as a case study through which to explore the effects of a range of constraints on innovation. Sue was president of Melbourne Poets Union during 2007 and 2008. She has been a judge for Moving Galleries, and has been poetry editor of POAM for the past three years.