Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 2011

Thanks to everyone who made our October event such a fine occasion. Shari Kosher and Philip Salom were our stars with their poignant and engaging readings. Also several people in the open section read for the first time. A special afternoon indeed.

Only a few images to share with you this month. Wrong camera setting. Sorry those of you who were expecting to see a pic of yourselves strutting your stuff!

Stay tuned for details of our last event in November!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Philip Salom and Shari Lynelle Kocher-Campbell

If you've been meaning to get along to Stopping all Stations but haven't made it yet, you'd better be quick as there are two events to go! Saturday October 15 will feature Philip Salom and Shari Lynelle Kocher-Campbell.

Philip Salom has published over a dozen books, and has received major national and international acclaim – including the Commonwealth Poetry Prize in London - for collections such as Sky Poems, New and Selected Poems, A Cretive Life and Feeding the Ghost. In 2003 he was awarded the Christopher Brennan Award, recognising a lifetime achievement in poetry. His recent book The Well Mouth, a collection of voices from the underworld, was named a Sydney Morning Herald Book of the Year, also an Adelaide Review Book of the Year, and is now in its third printing. His poems have also twice won the Newcastle Poetry Prize. His novel Toccata and Rain was shortlisted for the ALS Gold Medal in Literature; and Playback won the WA Premiers Prize for fiction.

Late last year Puncher & Wattmann published his satirical verse-novel Keepers, which is set in a creative arts school of some generic kind... Philip has a fascination with writing poems set within differently imagined worlds for each book - and he has now taken this into two new works written with assumed identities. So The Keeper of Fish, written through a heteronymic character from Keepers, will be published in 2011, along with the third book in the trilogy - Keeping Carter, which features the poetry of MA Carter.

Shari Lynelle Kocher-Campbell has published widely and is an award winning emerging poet. Her work has been published in literary journals and magazines across Australia, including Blue Dog, Famous Reporter, Going Down Swinging, Island, Meanjin, The New England Review, Overland, Page Seventeen, and Swamp Writing. In 2002, she won first prize in the UNE Literary Awards for her sequence poem ‘Unborn Child’, and since then she has been nominated for various awards, including recent commendations in the Martha Richardson Memorial Poetry Prize, the John Masefield Poetry Prize and first place in the Page Seventeen poetry competition for 2010. Shari holds an MA in Creative Writing from Melbourne University, where she is currently enrolled as a PhD candidate. She has lived in many places, including Townsville, Sydney, Adelaide, rural NSW, and Dublin, Ireland. For the moment, she finds herself based with her family in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, going back and forth between Melbourne and Millgrove on a fairly constant basis. She is currently working on her second book, a discontinuous verse novel inspired by the archaeological discovery of the three perfectly preserved five hundred year old Inca child mummies atop Mt. Lullaillaco on the border of Argentina and Chile by Johan Reinhard and Constanza Ceruti in 1999. Shari will be reading from some of this new work, as well as several poems from her first collection a small cup of sky.