Friday, January 21, 2011

Sandy Jeffs

Happy New Year lovers of the spoken word and welcome to another Stopping all Stations line-up. So far it's looking good! I'm away for some of February so we're starting back on Saturday March 19. Can't wait.

We're kicking the year off with the amazing Sandy Jeffs. Check out her bio below.

In the meantime, get writing. See you in March!

Sandy Jeffs has published five books of poetry and in late 2009 the Vulgar Press published her memoir called Flying with Paper Wings which was awarded SANE Australia's book of the year 2010 and short listed for the Age book of the year and a Human Rights award. Much of her writing has been concerned with madness, based on her experience of schizophrenia. She also writes about living in a family traumatised by her violent father and alcoholic mother. On a lighter note, Sandy has written about the trials and tribulations of playing midweek ladies' tennis. She has performed at various venues and has been published in many journals. Sandy appeared at the Melbourne Writers Festival in 2010.