Friday, November 4, 2011

Matt Hetherington

Thanks for dropping by. Our last event for 2011 is on Saturday November 19 at 2.30pm. After that Stopping all Stations will be having a break - so come along and help us finish up the year with MATT HETHERINGTON! Bring your poems, short stories, shopping lists, friends, neighbours, aunties and uncles and make this a Stopping all Stations to remember.

See you at the Cafe!

Matt Hetherington lives in Melbourne, Australia, and is a writer, musician, lover, non-god-father, humble self-promoter, sky-digger, vegetarian bludger, DJ, frustrated housewife, connoisseur of fine scents and dog-biscuits, twin brother, old-school soccer nut, poverty-stricken aristocrat, and a Bodhisattva wannabe (i.e. he likes the Buddhist saying “There are no Buddhists, there are just people on the way.”) 

He has translated poetry from Spanish, French, and Turkish, and some selections of his own poetry have been translated into Arabic, Russian, German, Dutch, and Italian. His most recent poetry collection is I Think We Have, and he is also on the board of the Australian Haiku Society.